Healing is here!

Having navigated the waters of rapidly spreading internal cancer and receiving healing; I am confident God has the same for vou.

This ministry is dedicated to helping you be restored to wholeness regardless of sickness or injury. Christ paid the price for you to have it. Let’s learn how to receive it.

rex henry ministries healing minister spiritual healing coach

This is my story of when I was diagnosed with rapidly spreading internal cancer – I AM STILL HERE!

Ministry offerings

I am available to speak bringing the message of healing and health. With this I will present a plan that clearly hears the voice of God and receives the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

If you are a pastor, group leader, or healing school leader, I am available to speak. This will include teaching and prayer for physical and emotional needs.I will share testimonies of healing to inspire their faith.

1 Corinthians 2:4-5 Paul came in a demonstration of the Spirit and in power. This is a result’s-oriented ministry.

Whether it is through the laying on of hands or through a definite course of action, 2000 years ago Christ accomplished the impossible for you. Will you find it????

Personal Ministry.

Personal contact, private contact by phone or in person to explain the plan of God for your life and how you are to find it. God’s healing was provided as a part of your redemption, His work on the cross. Healing begins in the heart but will surely make its way externally if approached properly. I offer a time of at least an hour to cover needed areas and will continue with weekly updates if requested. I walked out of rapidly advancing internal cancer. It no longer looms larger than life to me. All sickness or injury were covered at the cross.

Contact us for times and schedule.

About Rex Henry

  • Graduate of Southeastern University 1984.

  • Ordained 1986. Associated with AFCM and ordained through them in 1988. AFCM was the first ministry recognized by the Soviet Union when the border opened and assisted many other denominations to get recognized to minister there.

  • Served eight years as an associate pastor and senior pastor.

  • Missionary to carnival industry – set up 2 Christian schools and held services for 5 years.

  • Prison Chaplain in Florida 15 years.

  • While ministering in the prison, numerous inmates received Christ, and from them, hundreds were baptized in the Holy Spirit.

  • Mark 16:20 began to be fulfilled as signs and wonders accompanied the preaching of the word. Numerous healings took place and set the stage for my healing that took place in 2018.

  • God’s plan is being fulfilled 5 years later in the development of this ministry.

  • Married 44 years to Kay Henry.